35,572 spay/neuters completed!                                                                                                            Over 72.5 tons of aluminum cans recycled!
Our mission is to actively seek the prevention of births of unwanted puppies and kittens in our community and to vigorously pursue this endeavor until pet overpopulation no longer exists!

*** Assistance with Spay/Neuter Costs ***

(Follow Steps 1-2-3 In Order)


      1.     Contact Animal Defense League at 276-245-6020 and ask for assistance with Spay/neuter costs.

      2.     Contact Margaret Mitchell Clinic at 276-591-5790 to schedule an appointment. 

                               The address is 16222 Lee Highway, Bristol, VA. 24202

      3.      While talking to Margaret Mitchell staff, ask for Assistance from Holly Help Spay/Neuter.

Who We Are
The Holly Help Spay-Neuter Fund is a Bristol based organization which focuses on the spay sterilization surgeries for dogs and cats. We were founded in the Spring of 2001 and maintain a 501.c3 tax exempt status as a branch of United Humanitarian, A Corporation. We rely mainly on the money received from recycling aluminum cans to fund our surgeries. We are all volunteers and Holly Help pays no salaries.

The Holly Help Spay-Neuter Fund has paid for in full or in part, the sterilization surgeries for thousands of animals! Because one unspayed female animal can produce between 50,000 and 350,000 offspring in a 5 year period, our sterilization rate will make a very substantial dent in the overpopulation rate of cats and dogs in our community. We have successfully recycled many tons of aluminum cans which were generously donated to us by the animal-friendly public! The proceeds were used to pay for the surgeries of these animals. It takes approximately 4000 aluminum cans to pay for the surgery of one animal.

Holly Help is very sympathetic to the myriad of tragic circumstances that plague our four-legged brothers and sisters. God only knows that animals have a lot of real problems and very few real friends. Issues such as, helping to return lost pets to their owners, providing dog houses to animals that are tied out in inclement weather, implementing more stringent laws to protect animals against those who probably shouldn't own them, and educating the public on proper animal care, do not go unnoticed by Holly Help.

Although Holly Help is not in the business of performing the functions of a full service humane society, we have none-the-less lent ourselves to a variety of circumstances involving animal welfare issues. In this area, Holly Help is certainly no stranger to the street and has been found climbing ladders to rescue stranded baby birds, providing emergency housing for displaced cats, assisting low income families with spay neuter assistance, standing in the rain and snow to trap and sterilize feral cat colonies, and even trod well-used railroad tracks to rescue a senile, wandering dog. Holly Help has and continues to provide pet food (when available), to needy, hungry animals in the community.

We have provided low cost shelters to needy dogs and continue to keep a stock of shelters on hand. For cases which warrant more assistance than Holly Help is equipped to offer, we stand ready to refer pets with problems to those organizations and agencies that are being paid for their services to animals and for which the tax-paying and dollar-donating public expect them to respond in a timely manner. Holly Help has labored, hand-in-hand with other local and area humane societies to increase the degree of relief provided to our local animals. All of this was accomplished on a non-paid and strictly volunteer basis.

An efficient Director of any organization realizes that when faced with limited funds, resources and manpower, it makes sound managerial sense to provide the greatest amount of relief to the highest number of animals possible. This can ONLY be accomplished through a "get tough" spay-neuter program. We at Holly Help realize that reducing the number of animals born will automatically reduce the incidents of problems that continue to exist for dogs and cats. In other words, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that an animal cannot be abused or neglected if it had never been born to begin with! Therefore, through our very aggressive spay-neuter program, we have already provided relief to many, many animals. Spay-neuter is, (or at least should be), the heart and soul of any and all animal welfare movements, lest the travails of animals see us all into our graves and beyond. These two issues, that of spay-neuter and that of animal welfare, are so tightly bound to one another that it would be irrational to think of one without instinctively thinking of the other as the first-line defense in helping animals. A sound spay-neuter program is the very back-bone and foundation of animal welfare.

If you take a look at our healthy record of the total number of spay and neuter surgeries and multiply that by the unborn litters of l00,000 for just a 5 year period, (you'd better have a mighty big calculator), you can easily see the staggering number of animals that have been helped in the quickest possible time, with the least amount of manpower, and using the minimum amount of money.

An ounce of prevention is very well worth a pound of cure . Don't let anyone tell you different!
We thank you for your past, current and future support. Any monetary donations can be mailed to the below address!

Holly Help Memorial Spay Fund
P.O. Box 1264
Bristol, VA 24203
Phone: 276-466-5375