Holly Help Mobile Recycling Unit (Aluminum Can Drop Off's):
Each and every aluminum can is of vital importance to our existence, our mission, and to the very animals we serve in our community. So, when you finish a drink from an aluminum can, please remember that the empty can will be used to benefit a  special animal. Your bags of cans may be dropped off at Ferguson Animal Hospital, 24/7 (please place cans behind the wooden locked door) 
There is an additional aluminum can recycling drop off location with convenient and easy access now located on the property of State Farm Insurance / Wayne Humphrey Agency at 939 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol TN. (next door to parkway Plaza-Auto Zone).Proceed to the far end of the parking lot. You will see a large wooden receptacle with a big Holly Help sign on it. The cans    go in this drop off structure.

Precious Paws Pet Food Pantry
A pet help feeding program is sponsored by Holly Help i conjunction with donations from a very generous public. Free pet food is made available to needy animals while supplies last. A list of food pantries can be seen on our headquarters window at #14 Sixth  St, Bristol, TN but are also listed here:

1) Bristol Emergency Food Pantry (Bristol VA), Located on Washington Street, Directly behind the train station.

Other possible resources you can try:
-The Bridge Home Shelter 423-239-5237
-ADL (Animal Defense League) 276-245-6020

Operation Sterile Feral
Holly Help takes on another task/ Across the U.S., there are millions of cats living in secretive colonies, mostly traveling for food by the shadows of the night. It is estimated there are 21,000 feral cats per county in NE TN. And they're breeding indiscriminately? Most of these colonies are fed by caregivers who can't get close enough to handle the animals. Some colonies live off the food   from restaurant dumpsters and neighborhood trash cans. We made the decision to add a program for the feral cat colonies of our area.  It is estimated by one shelter official that 30% of the cats that are received by that shelter are feral. This figure simply does  not need to exist. An aggressive and constant spay/neuter program for feral cats can and will reduce these numbers. For more information regarding feral cats and the trap-neuter-release methods, please visit www.alleycat.org. This organization is considered to be the nation's expert on feral cats and by which Holly Help molds Operation Sterile Feral.
Holly Help Disaster and Emergency Relief
Our mobile disaster unit was capable of evacuating 50-100 animals per trip, depending on the size and species of animals rescued. We currently have two credentialed response members who are certified through FEMA's Animals in Disasters. By successfully recruiting a strong corps of response volunteers, properly trained through FEMA, The American Red Cross, national Humane Response Groups and local emergency managers, we will be come a valuable asset to our region, to our state and to other areas that may be affected by disasters. several animal related organizations and agencies have acknowledged us as one of their support groups in the event of a disaster. It is our goal to contact emergency managers in our region to make our services available and to coordinate an effective disaster response plan for our area in compliance with the mandatory PETS Act of 2006. Our overall goal is to help affect a smooth transition from 'Rescue to Recovery' for pets and their owners during these events. All donations to help this project are warmly welcomed. Please remember that all of our programs we have to offer are only as good as the community that supports them.
Sullivan County TN Links
Animal Control, Bristol, TN  (423) 989-5537, (423) 989-5600
Humane Society of Greater Sullivan County (423) 239-5237
Sullivan County Agricultural Extension Agent (423) 279-2723 (Report farm animal abuse)
Washington County VA Links
Washington Va. Animal Shelter (276) 676-6210, (276) 669-7037
Animal Control, Bristol, VA. (276) 645-3714, (276) 645-7400
Washington County Agricultural Extension Agent (276) 676-6309 (report farm animal abuse)
Animal Defense League Of Washington County 1-877-301-2290 (spay-neuter assistance)

Local Rescue Groups
www.akc.org - All Breed Rescue listing.

Lost & Found

Other Organization and Groups
Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control - Ronnie Crowder (423) 878-6815
Alley Cat - Feral cat info
Friends of Feral Felines - Feral Cat spay-neuter assistance and info
Wildlife Rehabilitator (423) 239-8188
Wynnwood Wildlife Rehab (423) 474-6220 Keith-Jerri Winn ( winnwood@usit.net )
www.Petfinder.com - Animal adoptions and websites for local organizations


http://www.cavyrescue.com  * http://www.rabbit.org  * http://www.birdadoption.org  , a quick online search can lead you to local rescue groups for animals that are not as reaily found in shelters, such as guinea pigs (cavies), rabbits, ferrets, birds, and reptiles. 

www.peteducation.com * www.aspca.org 
(888) 4ANIHELP (426-4435) * (900)-443-0000 * (785)-523-5679 Kansas State University Poison control hotline (for animals only).   All can be contacted to learn more about plants and foods that are toxic/poisonous to pets. 

http://www.batcon.org  512-327-9721, to find out the many benefits of maintaining bat colonies.

Faithful Pets Cremation: located 19415 Lee Highway Abingdon, Virginia 24210 



Chainfree Bristol: Is dedicated to banning the lifetime, unattended chaining or tethering of dogs. Their goals include education and ordinance development. Building fences demonstrates an acceptable alternative to chaining / tethering a dog. Photo courtesy of Chainfree Bristol of an example of a method to prevent dogs from jumping the fence.


Moving Pictures Graphics, 949 Broad St., Bristol, TN 37620 (423) 652-1110,    Sales@mpgrafix.net

(Commercial & Custom Vehicle Graphics, Large Format Photographic Printing, Sign - Displays -Banners

We are proud to display the info of Moving Picture Graphics because of their outstanding graphic support team. The vast majority of our graphics have been sponsored by Moving Picture Graphics. The business is owned and operated by two special and genuine people, dedicated to the betterment of life for animals and big Holly Help supports. Not to mention    their fabulous workmanship abilities with graphics of all kinds.

Pet Markers
Please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved pet. It is with heavy heart that we offer affordable pet markers 
as one more way to remember the little departed angels. Please HERE click to print the form out.

You can also contact The Family Sign Shop directly at  423-963-9377, or email them at FamilySignShop@gmail.com

How to make a DIY No-Kill Mousetrap with a Toilet Paper Roll


If you have a mouse problem but don’t want to use a traditional trap that kills them, here is a possible solution.  Our volunteers 

used a paper towel roll because it is longer,  peanut butter without the cracker, and a soft cloth (an old shirts) in the bottom of a 

metal garbage can. They had their mouse in the morning.

This LINK is the DIY instructions from lifehacker.com



Below is also an alternate method