Volunteer Positions & Opportunities


Volunteers are always a needed and welcomed commodity at Holly Help. We have several structured programs available for your consideration. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas so, if you would prefer to volunteer at a position or opening that we do not have listed below, please call and let us know.

Distributing flyers throughout the community.

Maintain or establish a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly local collection route where aluminum cans and/or ink cartridges would be picked up on a routine basis and transported to a central location.

Pet Adoption Assistant: Compassionate and caring individual/family willing to foster adoptions cats and help at cat/kitten adoption events.

Grant writer: Must be experienced in writing grants or willing to attend grant-writing classes/seminars.


Advertising Manager: Volunteer needed to oversee advertising efforts through the use of local media sources. Experience not necessary but a pleasant, outgoing, and professional attitude is a must.


Angels In Flight Program: Volunteers needed to pick up bags of aluminum cans,and transport to a predetermined location. A van or pickup truck is preferred.


Trapper: Individual needed to trap feral cats for surgery. Experience not necessary. Will train. A gentle, compassionate attitude for animals is REQUIRED. Enclosed vehicle is a must. Individual must be willing to adhere to STRICT Trap-Neuter-Return policies.



Rural Homes Needed for Feral Cats: If you are fortunate enough to live the good life, whether it be on a large amount of acreage or just a small rural tract of land, and you would like to share your good fortune with a colony of feral cats (2 or more), then we call fulfill your dreams. There are times when we receive requests for assistance to help sterilize a colony of cats that, for one reason or another, cannot be released back to their original living location. Establishing a list of people who are willing to open their property to relocated, STERILE felines will ensure that we are able to help all of the colonies that are seeking assistance. And because feral cats prefer to love their owners from a distance, no hands-on time or attention will be required of you only daily food and water (we will provide the shelters). If you enjoy feeding wildlife, this is your big chance. Please note that 4 weeks of STRICT confinement upon the relocation of the colony is a must. We can provide cages if needed for this.


Wal-Mart employees as our volunteers have a great potential towards fundraising capabilities. Please call us for details.

Volunteers needed to staff booths and info tables at events which are both hosted and non-hosted by Holly Help. All booth and table materials will be provided. Hours are flexible, ranging from entire day to just a few hours. 
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Track Record:

In an effort to keep the general public informed of our progress with spaying and neutering animals by using the money generated, we maintain and update a mini-poster in our headquarters window. We have named this poster 'Track Record' because it keeps our donors informed of the number of animals that have been sterilized as a result of Holly Help efforts. As the figure rises, so should your level of pride, knowing that you are personally DOING something within your own community to help combat the very tragic problem of pet over population. So, keep an eye open for 'Track Record." This poster has been designed especially for you! 

Please contact 276-466-5375 for more information.

The holly Help Spay Neuter Fund has so many people to thank for making us a huge success and for keeping us successful in our mission to help animals. Everyone is important to us!

The largest appreciation goes out foremost to our Creator in the Heavens through whom all of this was made possible. Much thanks to Petfinder and all the forms of media for allowing us and others to get our word out to the public, and to our webmasters who take precious time out from their busy schedules to help make life better for animals they will never see. Thanks go out to those who remembered Holly Help through their memorials, honorariums, and sponsorships. For the veterinarian and her staff who adopted a homeless and orphaned Spay Fund and afforded it the opportunity to explore whatever avenues it needed to grow.  To those who had faith enough in this dream to reach into their pockets to further the mission and to all who lent their help in many different ways to advertise the intent and needs of Holly Help. To the many, many individuals whose efforts have expanded Holly Help's quest for providing relief to animals, and to all of the area businesses, especially those that have acted as drop-off points for our aluminum cans and who have put up with the inconvenience of bulky bags and sticky syrup. To the Sullivan County Animal Shelter for their cooperation in working with us to assist shelter animals and to Wise Recycling for their overwhelming and constant support. For the people who have supplied the needed tool to accomplish the many jobs associated with running a business, including the tow-behind trailer that has made life much easier when hauling cans. For the other area humane groups who lent of their labor and their time to insure that we had a fighting chance in a world with no second chances. To every person, man and woman, who heard a distant call for help and responded so generously.

And lastly, to each pair of eyes with a wagging tail that echo throughout the pages of our lives and who will forever haunt the consciousness of right and wrong. here is hoping that in some way, however large or small, these needy little lives will cause someone, somewhere, to reach out past themselves and give succor to those who need so desperately.

Thanks to one and all!